Top 3 English London Escorts

London is one of the busiest cities in the world as well as one of the most affluent cities too. The London escorts are quite popular especially from Mayfair Girls and are the most gorgeous women in London and you hardly do find a beautiful English woman these days, so here is a short list of the top 3 English London escorts;

Charlotte Charlotte

Charlotte is naturally beautiful with long brunette hair and a perfect 34DD bust as well as beautiful smile and great personality to match. She has such a caring and wonderful personality to her clients that she lives just to make them smile, we know she’s going to leave you thinking about her for weeks to come. Charlotte loves going on dinner dates with clients as she is extremely charismatic and quite the adept conversationalist that won’t stop complimenting everything about you.

Cleo Cleo

Cleo is an absolutely stunning girl with a beautiful figure and great busts that makes her absolutely drop dead gorgeous, with a smile that turns men’s into stone figures that just want to stare at her all day she really is a one of a kind girl. Cleo really livens up at bars and really loves to drink and get more intimate with her clients in a very close way, making sure showing all the girls that you’re hers for the night. She only has her eyes on you all night as well even though both men and women stare at her constantly.

Naomi Naomi

Naomi is an absolutely gorgeous babe with a perfect slim figure and a real passion about her profession. Very well educated and easily relatable to any topic you talk about, she’s quite the intellectual girl and she knows many ways on how to leave men with huge smiles on their faces. Many men just can’t stop staring at her but don’t worry she only has time for you and she won’t be making advances to anyone but you because she thinks you’re the entire world.


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