Outdoor Sculptures in Manchester

The industrial landscape of Manchester has become the arts and cultures capital of the North, many institutions call the city their home and the artistry has spread out onto the streets. When wandering the beautiful cosmopolitan streets of Manchester there are a number of sensational sculptures to look out for. The Manchester escorts from Exclusive Company Escorts greatly admire Manchester’s beautiful sculptures and are in ore of the artists who create them. In the creative hub that is the Northern Quarter the Big Horn, by David Kemp is a spectacle to behold. Junk metal and other reclaimed materials were used to create this sensational piece that has an apocalyptic feel. It’s fun and quirky and reflects the Northern Quarters creative personality.

Chinatown in Manchester

Manchester is home to one of the largest China towns in the world and at its entrance is the glorious Chinese arch. Built in 1987, it is a testament to the importance of the Chinese community to Manchester. It is a bold sculpture that acknowledges the Chinese communities cultural status in the city. Over in Barbarolli Square, the Ishinki Touchstone takes pride of place in front of the Bridgewater hall. The Touchstone was created by Japanese artist Kan Yusuda, and is made from marble. The stone weighs in at eighteen tones and cost over two hundred thousand pounds. It is an alluring sculpture that gives passers-by the urge to touch it, some may see it as bland but it is undeniably beautiful. Down on Deansgate facing the locks is a large steel bicycle that celebrates Manchester’s eco-friendly attitude. The bike was designed by architect George Wyllie and has become a sculpture that many people have photographs with.

inside Manchester Peace Garden

In Manchester’s peace Gardens is a beautiful sculpture that the Manchester escorts from Exclusive Company Escorts love. Created from bronze in 1986 it celebrated Manchester becoming the first city in the world to become nuclear free. Manchester was very proud of its achievement and the sculpture is a testament to this for future generations to come. Finally there is the Tree of remembrance in Piccadilly Gardens, Piccadilly gardens is the beginning of the busiest transport route in Europe. The station and tram stops are surrounded by shops, bars and restaurants and a water installation and a big wheel mark the central point. The bronze tree stands as a remembrance to the civilians who lost their lives in world war one and is a calming everlasting presence in one of the busiest areas of the city.


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