Aged domain names

How to go about buying an aged domain that is going to help your main website with its rankings in Google.

There are so many domain out that they people have let expire, some have just simply missed the fact that a renewal payment is due others have ceased trading and some simply have moved on, I guess that’s the way of the world.

These sites are perfect to pick up at a very low cost and to use as domains for blogs linking back to your website.

First find a website which advertises these, there are loads I am not going to make thing overly easy for you – after all the only thing that you need to do is type it into Google, seconds later you have loads of results in front of you and you are off.

There are lots of things to look for when buying aged domains to link back to your site, it could be a mine field, only do this if you know what you are looking for, other wise you could end up with loads of domains which are completely worthless. This is not a quick process; you have got to look at back links to the domains, how old they are and how much they cost, not too sure that you will want to pay thousands for a site just to get a back link from it. A very good website which is getting older is this one; Rachaels London Agency

Say a site like Hot Sexy Escorts London became available to buy then you would have to jump at it, sites like this are worth their weight in gold, not only because the amount of traffic that they get each day but also because they have really good SEO work to them, all you need to do is check a site like and you will see just the type of links that I mean.

When setting up your blogs remember to write god content on them, don’t just post any old rubbish because you will be ruining what ever work you have put into it. Remember what Matt Cutts has said that “good quality content is key to high rankings” I guess that he is right, no one wants to read rubbish.

Once you are ready to go with your blog ensure you have posted it on social media sites and that everything is right with it, just like you would you normal website.